KVSH - Be Someone (feat. Schillist & Ray X Ben)

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  • Релиз: 18 февраля 2022 г.
  • Лейбл: STMPD RCRDS
  • Формат: mp3
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KVSH - Be Someone (feat. Schillist & Ray X Ben)

Be Someone (feat. Schillist & Ray X Ben)

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Текст песни

I see you in the same place
I see you in the rat race
When you getting out of this maze
I see you with the same mates
When you gonna let shit change
When you gonna use that brain
I wanna see the shit made
Before all the lights fade
See I work til my back break
Shovel dirt in the back lane
Oh it hurt with the back pain
What’s the price of the small change
I tell them that I’m okay
And I really am okay
But I need to leave this space
If they’re gonna say I’m great
Questions I need to be asking I need you here right now
Blessings I need to have to figure it right out
Oh what have I learned
It pays to be there first

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